Sample Essay

Another important marketing consideration is that which concerns the demographics of the international student population.  For instance, international postgraduate students are likely to be older and in well-established careers (UKCGE 1999), which means that marketing efforts will have to consider other factors that are more important to them like their families. International postgraduates are not merely concerned about the quality of their education, but the quality of life and overall cost of bringing their families over to the UK.

This will include accommodation, access to education, childcare and healthcare for their family members, however there have been reports that the higher education sector in theUKbeen very good at providing these guarantees for undergraduates, but failing to provide similar guarantees for the postgraduate students (UKCGE 1999, Baldwin and James 2000).  This could be a considered a serious failing on the delivery of programmes in this sector, especially if the marketing and promotional material is making a hint at providing the required provisions.

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