Sample Essay

The British Council also receives grants from various governmental bodies and the private sector, with approximately 40% of its income coming from selling services such as project management, training, English language courses and examinations (AEI 2004).  This highlights the importance of concentrating on English language promotion for theUKhigher education sector, as it was almost guaranteed that they would find international students to take up these programmes, which would encourage them to take up other educational programmes.

Marketing through the Education Counselling Service involves collaborating with the British Council to promote support services for education and training (AEI 2004); once again the focus is on promoting quality education and the virtues of internationalism.  The Education Counselling Service is funded by subscriptions from member institutions, government grants and revenue generating activities (AEI 2004), which along similar lines to the British Council but at the same time, this type of funding will make it vulnerable to changes in the member subscription base.  TheUKhigher education sector is also marketed and promoted by using generic branding through the use of its Education UK brand managed by the British Council (AEI 2004).  This brand basically markets theUKhigher education sector by providing information and access to information through their attendance at educational fairs.  One can see that these main international marketing methods pretty much rely on the reputation of theUKhigher education, and it almost assumes that there will be a constant supply of international students and interest.

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