Sample Essay

The loading and the unloading of the dry bulk vessels takes place using heavy weight lifting machinery and equipment. However it is also possible to simply use labor and shovel to load the compartments of the ship with the cargo. This is mostly because the cargo is in the loose form. However historical analysis showed that it is the loss cargo which mostly makes the bulk carriers capsize or tilt and take in water prior to sinking in the high seas. As a result according to the BLU code it is required that even the loose cargo should be packed in bags or immense loose packing. This isĀ applicable for heavy weight loose cargo like grains, sand and cement.

However in case s where the cargo is not very heavy weight and can fill the compartments of the dry bulk shipping vessel without exceeding the weight limit then can be loaded in loose form as well. The loading of the cargo in the loosely packed form discourages the shifting of the cargo inside the tanks and the compartments of the vessel, making them more stable in the high seas during turbulent storms.

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