Sample Essay

Sitting in a room had restricted me to a small area.  I saw a flat fall glaring at me and displaying a boring appearance. The room had two windows located at a certain distance. I moved towards it to get a feel of the view. However, I was disappointed as the window opened in a balcony. The second window had something for me and encouraged me to grab my pen and display my creative skills.  It opened towards the east and a bright ray of sunlight touched my face.  My writing table was a simple piece of furniture. Hence, it did not contribute anything towards my creativity.

Then I moved towards my cupboard as I knew that a lot of memories existed there.  As I opened the door, I saw my red colored cardigan.  It was one of my precious belongings. My wife had gifted it to me on our first wedding anniversary. When I wore it for the first time, the shade looked very sharp to me but gradually I began liking it. My first branded watch was placed beside it. I had purchased this watch after sacrificing my savings for two months.

The next thing in the room which caught my attention was my antique vase.   It reminded me of the time when I used to paint. This antique vase gave me sufficient thoughts to spoil my canvas.

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