Sample Essay

Every eligible bachelor would have loved to marry Martha. She was the perfect wife. Martha was tall and slim. With the fair complexion, blond eyebrows and firm body structure, she looked incredible.  Other than looks, she also scored very high marks in terms of personality. She always used a soft conversation tone irrespective of who she was talking to. No one ever found her rude or arrogant. Her boss also appreciated her attitude and her ability to handle pressure.  Even after such an impressive personality, Martha did not have very high expectations from her life partner.

She wanted to live her life with a caring and sincere person. Unlike other females, she did not weight male individuals on the basis of salaries. Martha had old parents and she used to take very good care of them.  She did not spend her evenings with her friends in social parties. Instead, she used to rush home as soon as she got free from office. Martha also did not think too much about marriage because she did not want to divert her attention from her old parents.

As she was the only breadwinner of her family, she always had responsibilities on her head. Martha had one younger brother who was studying in the seventh standard and lived in the school hostel. The continuous pressure of both personal and professional life had enhanced her stress handling capabilities.

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