Sample Essay

The three classifications of sports are individual, pair and team. An individual game is one in which the player performs and alone and is responsible for the result. Golf is a game falling in this category.  The player has to score his points by hitting the ball in the right holes. He does not have a partner and is solely responsible for the win or loss. A pair game is one in which two players contribute towards the points. Some examples include tennis, table tennis and squash. However, all these games can be played by individual players as well.  The level of competition in individual games is more than pair games.

The third classification is team sports. In these games, the numbers of players playing for each team are more than two.  There are eleven players in a cricket team. The team which is fielding has players standing at different positions. Similarly, the batting team has two players on the field at a time.

A team sport requires more coordination than individual and pair games. Even if one player makes a mistake, the team loses a point.  Hence, when competitions are held on an international scale, countries ensure that the players with the best team coordination are selected.  If you want to emerge a good team player, you should develop a friendly and cooperative personality.

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