Sample Essay

There is a lot of difference in the sports environment of today and one which existed a decade back. What are the key differences? First of all, the career span of players has reduced. Individuals who are playing at the professional level these days are not very strong physically. In addition to that, they depend on supplements and steroids for performing well. Thus, most players do not go beyond the age or thirty five or forty irrespective of the game which they are playing. Players get tired very quickly.

Every sport is filled with several sponsors.  Large sized organizations and marketing companies approach the players on their own so that their brand can be promoted.  Apart from that, these brands offer very lucrative proposals. Hence, players give a lot of priority and spend a lot of time in shooting television commercials. This gives them less time to practice, focus on the game and improve their performances.

The player career life has also reduced due to another reason. These days, players are continuously involved in matches and tournaments. They get very small gaps in between. This increases the chances of major injuries. For example, in case of football, a player performs well in one tournament and them leaves the team due to injuries.  In this way, the overall performance level of a team declines.

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