Sample Essay

Baroque art was an artistic communication of the way the modern man might have searched for a “new philosophy of life, new scientific achievements, new mechanical inventions, and for new social and political patterns”[1]. Thus, Baroque art was an emergence from such a fight for rights and freedom from the old restraints and restrictions and gave an ultimately beautiful and relevant speech regarding the progress taking place and the expansion of the human activities, their achievements and the work they are concentrating upon. Such was the significance of Baroque art. It manifested the society. It allowed for there to be a relationship between art and society due to the way it represented the people and their doings through art.

During the Baroque period the people considered art to be purposeful rather than simply something to look at and contemplate. They felt that art could either be religious or used for decoration. Thus, the artist felt that he was more into some kind of a business, and he had the practical capability through which he could make a living. During those times an artist’s workshop was similar to a business of a shopkeeper. Those artists had definitely to consider art marketing if they were to create something, just like they had to produce something that was in demand and make use of business practices and tools.

[1] Fleming William, “The element of motion in Baroque art and music.” The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 5, no. 2 (December 1946): 121.

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