Sample Essay

With this Marinetti makes it clear that this futurism movement is basically constructed on young and free adults, who will be dumped by even younger people once these ones grow old. And futurism was not just about paintings and visuals, but also about poetry.

Tzara refutes the idea of people of portraying truth via an intelligently devised logic which seems to give reasons and prove the correctness of the ideas. He does not seem to concur with the idea of principles and systems. This thought of his concurs with what we have discussed of him previously, such as hating common sense and theories. On the other hand, Gabo mentions that the sole aim that has remained of creating the pictorial and plastic art is the realization of our perceptions of the world. Breton’s idea was that surrealism explores the excitement that is associated with the lovely days of childhood.

Circus may not be considered to be completely belonging to any of these categories of art discussed in this paper. It was probably just a mixture of one or two of them.

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