Sample Essay

Fighting against everything—personal loss, social ostracizing and unethical lawyers, Prior discovers inner strength that carries him forward and through the turmoil. His character and uprightness brings Louis back to Prior, but Prior has become wise after his struggles as knows better than to go back to the man who did not have the strength to be open about his orientation or deal with his lover’s illness, and instead looked for outside pleasure. The scene in heaven, when Prior has the audience of all the angels, is when he explains to all the importance to move forward and accept change, even though it may be painful and uncertain. To make a point, he turns down he offer of prophet-hood and asks for more life, wherever it may take him, because he has come to terms with his circumstances.

This journey of Prior’s is certainly not planned or easy, but it is definitely successful, as in the end Prior and three of his friends come to form a society that is now comfortable with differences in sexual orientations and unprejudiced and supportive toward AIDS inflicted people. Thus conservatism and stasis have been done away with, and a new period of understanding and progress is initiated.

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