Sample Essay

My job involved a lot of human feelings and public interaction. By professional, I was a critic and counselor for patients of domestic violence. Most of my patients were women and children. I was also visited by young girls who had been beaten up by their boyfriends. A fact is that such individuals are more broken down emotionally and mentally than physically. A lot of counseling is required to bring them back on track and make them think normally.  Let me discuss a case which I am recently working on.

One of my clients is Rebecca who has taken a separation from her husband and also owns the custody of her daughter. She was on the receiving end of immense violence. Her husband was an alcoholic and had punched her so hard that her nose had been broken. Apart from that, Rebecca’s daughter was also upset mentally due to such violent incidents. I gave her multiple sessions and told her that she needs to get her bitter memories off. With the passage of time, her wounds would heal up and she would get a better partner for herself.

Domestic violence incidents are increasing with the passage of each day. Couples fight and beat each other for every minor issue. In other words, they release all their frustrations on each other. Getting professional consultation is the best way to deal with these complications.

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