Sample Essay

In order to become a Director of such an organization, one would need to study sociology, ethics as well as legislature and business related courses. More specifically a civil services or a sociology major oriented degree can be pursued which costs $5,000 to $10,000 on a yearly basis pertaining to which cadre of university the program is sought in.  Aside from this a MBA or Bachelors and Masters Course in Management of Non Profit Organizations can also be sought.

The demand for the people to fill such positions in domestic violence organization is very high as currently many organizations which fight against domestic abuse are operating in the country however they are unable to provide significant results due to vague and confused management. These companies need a through and well defined management which works in a strategic manner, much like the operations of a business, and runs the organization while controlling the operations and developing new arenas for the organization to support the needy in the society.

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