Sample Essay

Another thing to be talked about a knight is his devotion to his lady. In spite of being tempted toward other females he would never betray his lady nor wish to upset her. When, for instance, the knight is away from her for a long time she may get jealous and miss him, in which case he is ready for a penalty. It is only after obtaining her forgiveness that he would go back to his chivalric life.

Romances of chivalry contain within them a universal, eternal quality. The adventures are basically drawn from one single concept; that of the fight between good and evil, right and wrong, love and hate, and so on. Another commonality is the time period; these romances are all from the past and at faraway lands. There are still romances to be found in contemporary times but they have been changed and thus it is only when one seriously searches for one that he finds it. For instance, the Star Wars movies.

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