Sample Essay

Talking about the origin of chivalry and romance it would very appropriate first to talk of the medieval knights. Christianity does not approve of war and there is no place of violence within the religion. However, after the crusades the knights were actually glamourized and through the romantic literature available we are able to see through how the knighthood attempted at softening its violent image it had built up for itself.

And this was done through lessons of courtesy. Initial stories are about proud and arrogant youth who had to go to court in order to learn about chivalry. These knights were instructed by the learned clerics regarding the art of love in order that they are transformed from those hard and unpolished knights into gentle lovers. Such an act actually civilized the knights. Courtly romance started dominating the usual old epics of wars, following which the knight and that educated cleric came together and became one learned person. “The knight remained an efficient engine of death and destruction in combat, but at court and in the presence of ladies his soul was strung as finely as a harp” (Jaeger 196). Thus, the knight-errant became the figure of medieval chivalric romance literature.

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