Sample Essay

After 9/11, during the presidency of George W. Bush, the American media became increasingly favorable of the American Establishment, increasingly hostile towards the Arabs and Muslims, which first resulted in the Afghan War, said to be a justified response to the terrorist attacks and then took place the War in Iraq. The Iraq war was the result of a massive propaganda coming from the American media. Here it is necessary to note that it does not matter whether it was a viewer watching FOX or CNN; it was about the trust of their respective channels but more about the distrust of the American people in Muslims and Arabs, so they were willing to believe anyone regarding anything as long as he or she is not an Arab.

Another example of the trust is that of Jews in Germany after the First World War. After the humiliating defeat in the WWI, Hitler and members of his inner circle were looking for a scapegoat that could be held responsible for the suffering and humiliation of the German nation. The first thing Hitler did was to tap into the Germans distrust in their current government and make himself reliable and credible in the eyes of the German nation. Hitler with the supervision of Joseph Goebbels (who would later be the Propaganda Minister for the Third Reich) started comparing the government with the Jews.

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