Sample Essay

When initially Maus had been categorized as a fiction it was not entirely wrong to do that. This is because although Spiegelman has included a great deal of non-fiction aspects to the book, and has made it seem extremely realistic, there is also the fiction side to it which includes his often usage of metaphors, symbolism and allegory. Along with such characteristics, the actual, initial story that Vladek had related was filtered and revised several times before being ultimately passed on to us readers.

Because of so many phases that the original story went through – which may include the actual experiences of Vladek, to what he really remembered, to what he told his son, and then on to the drawing board and then the reader – there must have been generated a certain amount of erroneousness within the story. In fact, Spiegelman himself said that:

“I’m all too aware that ultimately what I’m creating is a realistic fiction. The experiences my father actually went through [are not exactly the same as] what he’s able to remember and what he’s able to articulate of these experiences. Then there’s what I’m able to understand of what he articulated, and what I’m able to put down on paper. And then of course there’s what the reader can make of that” (Ribeiro 239).

Such were the unusual aspects of Art Spiegelman’s Maus which got extremely famous and is still considered a very unique piece. Let us compare it with Batman. Both these comics are wonderful works in their own place. Both were read widely. Both were famous throughout the world. However, the conventions employed in Batman can be said to be different from those in Maus. Batman is all fantasy and fiction. Maus is about reality stretched out and presented to us maybe in a fictional manner.

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