Sample Essay

Coleridge uses structural rhyme as well as association of the culture of Kubla Khans people as being one to be sought in paradise by the people living in Coleridge’snative land. Unlike Heart of Darkness and Things Fall Apart, which feature cultures that were contemporary to their authors, Coleridge explores a land that, even by his time, was archaic.  The work pertaining to Kubla Khan is very much a work of a romanticist which is reflective of the period in which the work was written.

This is apparent in the tone used by the port where in the narration the poet represents himself as an awe struck person. This is supported through word and metaphors inspiring visual imagery. The ending of the poem is presented in a formal tone which portrays the regret and the sorrow felt by the author on the loss of such a person as Kubla Khan who is a vanished legend and the aspiration that the poet seeks to be like him. The attitude of the poet in KublaKhan is very materialistic and towards the attainment of pleasure. This is depicted through the wishful longing of the poet to live a life akin to Kubla Khan and the admiration that he shows for the material possessions collected by the Chinese Emperor

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