Sample Essay

The distinguishing feature of analyzers is that they operate in а narrow market niche or geographic area (Caldwellpp.50-61). The analyzers attempt to understand their local market better than broadly positioned competitors. Forum has attempted to create business linked to the exhibition and conference market while Five star hotels has been primarily concentrating on the domestic market (Kalafut pp.9-15).

                The study results support the fact that marketing practices are positively contributing to business performance. The study has investigated some of the factors of marketing effectiveness and the link between marketing effectiveness and business performance (Box pp.370-87. ). Empirical results confirmed the postulated relationships research hypotheses confirmed а positive correlation among the marketing effectiveness variables and the operating performance measures supporting the results of previous studies. In our study (Bontis pp.13-39), effective marketing practices also implied а higher level of business performance as indicated in the literature (Javalgi pp.563-81). The findings of this study also confirmed the results of the study on the competitiveness of Abu Dhabitourism regarding the major shifts that will have to be made on the tourism and hospitality company levels (Blain pp.328-38).

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