Sample Essay

Recent research results show that the level of the market effectiveness of Sheraton hotel industry inAbu Dhabiis far below the effectiveness levels of Sheraton hotel industries in the Middle Eastern countries which are Abu Dhabi’s main competitors in the tourism sector (Fergusonpp.357-61).

It has already been proven, theoretically, that destination choice primarily the country, and then resort travel destination represents one of the first and most important decisions made by а tourist; this decision is subject to а number of factors country image, accessibility (Wallis pp.239-58), attractiveness, safety level, etc. which highlight the fact that the market effectiveness of Sheraton hotel facilities is, to а large extent, determined by external factors (Foley pp.209-17). TheAbu Dhabihotel industry is in а specific position in which these external factors are extremely pronounced, primarily due to the consequences of the war which raged in the area at the beginning of the 1990s, and secondly, due to the process of privatisation of Sheraton hotel which is currently under way (Wangenheim pp.1173-85).

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