Sample Essay

Our findings suggest Sheraton hotel Abu Dhabi, in order to achieve а higher level of marketing effectiveness, have to implement marketing as а business philosophy more thoroughly (Berrypp.128-37). The understanding of the existence of а link between market orientation and business success must increase in order to allow for the application of а long term marketing concept rather than а strategy of survival from one season to the next.

Although some positive shifts was noted in the period 1994-1998 strengthening of the market research function (Javalgi pp.165-79), pricing policy and promotion, for marketing to be effective there must be commitment and involvement throughout Sheraton hotel Abu Dhabi (Bang pp.309-26). In order to compete successfully with the hotel sectors ofMiddle East, Sheraton hotel Abu Dhabi hotel managers have to believe that а positive correlation exists between marketing effectiveness and their business performance and they have to understand all the components of marketing effectiveness.

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