Sample Essay

Course Work 1 a)

 Question 1

As a trainee you have been asked to prepare a report for management on the principles of General Cargo Planning and Stowage?

The freight ports are usually full of bustling activity in terms of loading and unloading of ships and the continuous repairs and maintenance going on the location. However despite the ports being the hub of activity, they suffer from several; obstacles which hinder the proper operations and the flow of activity taking place. Most of the obstacles deal with the mismanagement of cargo and the stowage, on the ships and on the docks. This creates delays in the schedules of the arrival and departure of the ships, affecting the whole flow of activity and the transportation flow of ships to and from the shipping port. As a result it is important that the shipping ports and the carrier and freight ships should establish a schedule of operation and work accordingly.

Cargo planning and stowage management is the method by which the cargo that is loaded and unloaded from the ships on to the docks and vise versa is scheduled and transported. Cargo planning deals with the specific procedures for forecasting and predicting the flow of activities for cargo attainment, transportation and stowage on the ships as well as on the docks. The objective here is to apply those procedures which minimize the amount taken for transportation while reduce the cost of the process, the ship standing time as well as utilizing the optimal capacity of the container ships.

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