Sample Essay

This paper will be focusing on chapters 5, 6 and 7 of Tim Kasser’s book, The High Price of Materialism. Kasser has written about the various aspects of materialism and how it is connected to the other elements in life. Kasser suggests, and rightly so, that materialism is immaterial and does not have any hand in the supplement of happiness. As it happens, a person feels that once he is rich and self-sufficient he will be able to live a happy and luxurious life. Luxurious yes definitely; the money would surely provide him with all kinds of expensive and comfortable elements luxuries. But if we consider the more important aspect of life, happiness, it cannot be said that money would be able to provide one with it.

It may be the goal of a person to attain the best in the world and to be able to get the highest status possible. However, once he reaches that status he would start feeling the need for more; he would again be discontent and would like to gain an even higher position and higher salary. This could be because now the person is comparing himself to even high status people, and checking out the new baseline he is at. Therefore, he feels a need for further improvement in his life. This is only suggestive of the fact that material things do not contribute to happiness in any kind. In fact, it would only make you feel dissatisfied and empty, not to mention depressed.

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