Sample Essay

The trade in the Atlantic between European countries and the North American countries has increased exponentially in the past few years; however the shipping industry is facing restrictions and constraints in the form of EMEA legislature against the use of bunker fuel. Traditionally bunker fields have had sulfur components which when burned to produce energy to run this ships releases sulfur in to the air which is very volatile and eats away the ozone layer by formed sulfur trioxide and sulfur dioxide by taking the oxygen ions form the ozone. As this concept revealed that using sulfur based bunker fuel is harmful for the environment and causes CFC based pollution, the relevant law enforcing bodies drew up legislature against the use of bunker fuel.

In 2004, as a result of the restriction put on the bunker fuels due to the environmentalist laws the “carriers belonging to the Trans-Atlantic Conference Agreement had reduced their bunker fuel adjustment factor by 19 percent due to the decline in fuel prices.” (‘TACA Slashes Surcharge’, 2004)

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