Sample Essay

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) was an American literary critic poet and writer. His name is one of the most recognized ones of the Romantic Movement.  His poetry is considered to be an innovation of its times illustrating deep pessimism and his stories are also credited with influencing the genre of Science fiction.

The first poem that I will analyze is “The Bells”. This poem was not published until after his death in 1849. It has four parts and, as the poem progresses, it gets deeper and deeper in its tone illustrated by the “jingling and tinkling” of the bells through the onomatopoeic poetry to the verse of “moaning and groaning”.

The poem illustrates the whole story of Poe’s life, the disarray involved with it and the mechanism of life as how the poem progresses from the “Jingling and tinkling” illustrating his youth to “moaning and groaning” of the elderly. He takes inspiration from the tragedy that struck him which was his wife’s death. She got scorched in the fire in their house and Poe was unable to help her and was forced to just keep looking at her as she died.

Poe’s poetry through rhymes and verses is overly forced, no doubt about the fact that the prose of the poetry was an innovation for its time but onomatopoeic use of words like “tintinnabulation” is considered by many critics as a nonsense word from the onomatopoeic class. The repetitive use of the word “bell, bell, bell, bell, bell, bell” creates an instability in the mind of the reader which does not achieve what Poe intended to achieve with his poetry.

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