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The second of Edgar Allan Poe’s rhythm was “Eulalie”. In this poem Poe tries to illustrate the tragedies (loss) of women that he faced in his life like the death of his mother when he was two, and that of his foster mother and then of his lovely wife, Virginia. This poem is autobiographical in nature but only to a 50/50 extent as there are elements of both fiction and non-fiction in the poem. In this poem Poe illustrates the transformation from being happy to sad and how one moves from a state of hell to become accustomed with a place in which being with a beautiful women gives him an illusion of being in paradise.

Poe shows fantasy in this poem when he thinks as to how life would have been different if his wife Virginia Allan Poe had not died; he thinks how her life would be nothing short of heaven, what he wanted was some stability in his life. As mentioned before, all the women he ever loved had died; first his mother then his foster mother and then his dear wife. He considers himself cursed with sadness and is very much upset with the perfection that he thrived for his entire life but no matter how hard he tried he was never satisfied with his inner self.

The poetic device that Poe uses through the poem is assonance, & the word L, as in the title of them poem “Eulalie” which gives a tribute to the all the women in his life, and in the verses “With the moon-tints of purple and pearl” & “While ever to her dear Eulalie upturns her matron eye”.

The poem is one best written by Allan Edgar Poe and the reason of it is the theme and deception of the poem. As the reader reads the poem he thinks it is about the glorification of a beauty of a woman but in the end the reader feels sorry for the protagonist of the poem because of how miserable he must be.

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