Sample Essay

Do you know that there are many families who cannot afford the costs of all their children? For example, if there are five children in a family, three may be getting sufficient food and education. The remaining two may be having one meal in a day. How can you contribute to the solution of such problems as a human being and citizen? Some well off families do not have children. Hence, they adopt them, send them to school and equip them with all the essential needs. If you know children who are going through starvation or other related problems, you can locate foster families for them.

You cannot just pick any family if it is well off.  Are you sure that it will take care of the child? Are you sure that he would not be required to wash dishes or mop the floor?  Some families present a caring image when they are interviewed for the adoption process. However, realities are very different. Foster placement is a very detailed process and the financial standing of the adopting family is an important factor.

Usually, the actual family of the child is counseled before a foster family is searched. What is the aim of these counseling sessions? The family head is told that their child is not getting the basic necessities of life. After the first session, a time span is awarded so that the family head can enhance his financial caliber. If he fails to do so, foster families with suitable profiles are searched. In most cases, families with a large number of children are ignored.

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