Sample Essay

In terms of values towards women, the United States is much more open and has women working in male oriented professions like trucking, business, police etc., and while inGermany, such professions are still very much dominated by the males, with little or no female representation. The marital roles inAmericaare very vague as both the husband and the wife provide for the family through nurture and development as well as from sourcing the funding by being the bread earners.

In Germany however the martial roles are much more defined. While females are very active in professions and career building in Germany as well, they are equally active in terms of building a house for the family and taking care of the spouse and the children. The majority of the population living outside of urban cities is not involved heavily in their professional life

Racism on the basis of kin color, language is high inGermanywhile in the United States, the people celebrate their diversity. In terms of the visa and immigration policies however the United Statesis a very strict country while Germany offers much more lax laws for immigration. In theUnited States however there is a much more wide spread discrimination against the blacks on an institutional level.

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