Sample Essay

The two countries of Germany and the United States have significant differences in terms of their values as well. The values of Germans specific to diversity have improved a lot, previously they were very focused on their nationality and were against diversity, now however it is possible to find as many non Germany in ratio in Berlin as one can find in the city ofNew York. TheUnited States of America however has been very open to diversity in the work place as well as in the community for a long period of time, but specific sects in the communities in the United Statesstill harbor discriminatory opinions about the minority communities specifically in the southern states of America.

The level of discrimination in the US, for the disabled is relatively less than in Germany. In theunited States, the government has specifically funded large scale programs though which the handicap are being educated and provided with jobs just like any other American citizen. The infrastructure and public access places and transportation in theUnited Statesis specially equipped to make them more accessible for the handicapped and the disabled. In Germany however disability is still thought of a taboo and a reason for neglect and scorn.

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