Sample Essay

Sainsbury’s has got some competitive advantage which made its business so successful all over UKand established the 3rd food retail chain in United Kingdom. The competitive advantages are discussed below:

  • 16 million customers visiting every week
  • More concerned with the environmental issues such as green house effect , reducing fuel emission , providing 15 million reusable bags , 8 million car stickers and fridge magnets to remind and encourage people to use environmental friendly resources.
  • Performing social responsibility while working with Comic Relief to raise money and help poor neighbourhood.
  • 22% market share makes them one the power key player after Waitross in the British retail industry.
  • They have established а brand image and are considered to have the supermarket power which is ‘Locations’.
  • Sainsbury’s marketing strategy is to attract the middle class consumers with an affordable cost while maintaining particularly quality of the food they simultaneously.
  • They are promoting а new section name ‘Active Kids’ to help school kids and teachers to overcall child obesity.
  • Sainsbury is the first super store to start One Hour Delivery slot outside ofLondon. In addition if the y fail to do so on time customers will be paid £10 next time they do online shopping.
  • Sainsbury’s bank loans ranked 13 out of 16 in the Ciao top list as ‘The Best Loan Lenders’
  • Developing customer service is а key advantage for Sainsbury. They discovered their highly skilled employees focus on their duties rather than Customers. So therefore, they changed the strategies and focused more to improve customer service to get extra advantage.
  • The adoption of RFID has brought new competitive advantage as only few companies has the privilege to use this innovative technology.

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