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In order to look into the reasons behind the women staying in an abusive relationship, we will be looking at the literature available. We will be performing an archival research. There has been a great deal of research performed in this aspect of societal issue and enough literature exists regarding various issues of abusive relationships. Past researchers have delved into the different aspects of an abusive relationship, such as the mindset of the perpetrator and that of the victim, the reasons why a person abuses his spouse, the reasons behind the women not leaving the relationship in spite of what they have to go through. In fact, it even happens that the women leave their abusive partners but soon return to them.

This research is for finding out the reasons psychologically behind a woman not making up the decision to leave a relationship in spite of having had great physical and psychological abuse.


Richardson et al (2002)[i] performed a study in this respect through which they found out that 41% of their participants (total 1035 women) had been physically abused by their current or previous partner. 74% of them had been controlled somehow or the other by their partner and 46% of them had experienced threatening behavior.

Another research of total 1040 women resulted in the findings that 21% of them had gotten injured due to violence against them, and this included bruises or more serious injuries. Of these injured women only 50% had actually gone to a medical authority for attending to their injuries. There was also report of women being abused during pregnancy and the percentage of pregnant women being injured was 15%. Of these pregnant and abused women 25% of them felt that the violence they underwent during pregnancy was harsher as compared to prior to pregnancy and 29% of those women had to face miscarriage because of that.

[i] Richardson, J., Coid, J., Petruckevitch, A., Chung, W. S., Moorey, S., & Feder, G. (2002). Identifying domestic violence: cross sectional study in primary care. BMJ, 324(7332), 274.

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