Sample Essay

By regulating exposure to outside media, the colony limits contact with outsiders and filters contaminating influences. Hutterites believe that easy access to ungodly values would undermine their entire way of life.  They do tap the services of outside professionals, veterinarians, medical doctors, dentists, lawyers, bankers, and accountants. Most babies, for example, are born in hospitals. Nevertheless, in all of these contacts, Hutterites are cautious not to interact too closely with the outside world.

            The Hutterite “experiment” has endured for nearly 500 years. Hutterites’ strong ethnicity, social control, and social isolation have enabled them to resist assimilation into mainstream society and the acculturation of individualistic values (Graber 1-3). But in their eyes, communal-ism is not just an interesting social experiment; it is а sincere attempt to practice Christian teachings that lead to eternal life (Others Among Us 1-6).

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