Sample Essay

Nowadays swearing is so common among students and teenagers that it has become a part of their regular vocabulary. Their sentence is not complete without there being a swear word in it, whatever it is. And the astonishing part is that these teenagers do not even see who is around and where they are before thinking to swear. Such profanity and vulgarity just reflects the unprofessionalism and immorality that the people indulge in. In spite of such a trend becoming more and more popular, and in spite of the fact that the elders and betters surely do not approve of such a behavior, there are not many colleges or institutions that actually regulate the language of their students. There definitely are certain rules in some institutes that discourage swearing and use of profanity, but this is simply not enough in such a day where it has become a part of everyday life.

However, there is one Hinds Community College that really puts its students into trouble in case they swear and are caught. Their punishment is monetary fines or demerits that can even cause suspension. Such attitude from the college can be beneficial for students as they might then keep in mind the punishment they might have to endure in case they did not learn to control their language. In fact, other colleges and institutions can also adopt this rule and it is possible that on campus swearing reduces. Such a rule should be supported by parents as well. Sadly, however, this is not the case everywhere and nowadays parents usually side with their children even if they are the offending party. In these kinds of cases such students cannot be helped unless they themselves wish to make an effort.

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