Sample Essay

Among other skills, there are some that are essential in a good teacher. These include courage and interpersonal skills. The importance of possessing these skills can be demonstrated through examples. In the first scenario, a teacher is new to the class, unaware of how the previous teacher dealt with the class and if there are any ‘trouble-makers’ that like disrupting sessions. This can be a little overwhelming if a senior faculty member is also present to assess the first session and see if the new teacher is capable or not.

In this scenario, the teacher needs to remain calm and not let any nervousness come in the way of a good performance. Confidence is essential and something that is easily palpable. It will send the message across to the students that the teacher knows the facts and has the knowledge. Voice trembling or negative body language will send the wrong message across and encourage inclined students to take advantage and ruin the session. It often happens that there is complete silence when this new teacher asks a question. This stems from the students trying to get accustomed to the teacher. However, courage again leads the way out of awkwardness. Rephrasing of the question and encouraging the students to take initiative in answering, instead of generating self-doubts about ones own teaching abilities would help build rapport and relax the atmosphere.

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