Sample Essay

Marketing is entirely a communications based field, through which the marketers seek to identify what the consumers want and determine ways to provide it to them. Marketing involves a process through which the buyers sell to the consumers in the market, and the goods are transferred from the producer to the consumer. The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as the process through which the customer requirements are identified, and anticipated to satisfy them. Philip Kotler on the other hand has provided that marketing is the process through which needs and wants of the consumer are satisfied. The marketing activities on the other hand are the strategies and activities undertaken by the marketers to make the consumers aware of the products and services through promotional activities.

The traditional marketing involved marketing through mass communication mediums like radio, print and the television while the below the line marketing involved brand activation. Traditionally a large pool of the target market was marketed to in the same manner without any level of customization, but the emergence of competition in the markets and the increased clutter on the traditional marketing channels has lowered brand recall. As a result the new marketing channels have come into play. The new marketing approach is based on e-marketing and online marketing. “Internet marketing however, uses the power of online networks and interactive media to reach your marketing objectives…no paper, no telephone calls, no in person appearances” (Geld, 2003). Compared to traditional marketing, the e-marketing channel has significantly different tools and strategies that are employed to influence the consumers.

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