Sample Essay

Hidden jobs are those jobs which are not advertised through the traditional or the technological media. These are positions which are present in the company and are usually filled by employers by hiring the candidates and recruits which are brought to the attention of the employers through personal recommendation or reference. The reference in this case comes form either the employees in the company, the employer himself and sometimes form the trusted partners and associates of the business. Usually the candies which fill the hidden jobs in any company, the position holder is not directly related to the employer, however it is possible for them to be related to the parties mentioned above.

Hidden jobs are mostly presented through the people who are directly related to the vacancy. These can be the current employees of the company who are aware of the position, the employers as well as the division head where the vacancy exists. The position is accessible to candidates through the use of emails, telephone and even if they attend professional conferences and corporate fairs & events.

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