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The goals in this case are to be achieved within and across the societies in the friendly manner by taking into account the peace of an individual as well as the society, prosperity of the cultures and states including the societies. In this the liberal always thinks of the foreign policies having the domestic incentives.

In the Marxist system has been said that the people’s position in the society is always based on the economic system that is being provided to the people of the society. As the economic system is better the people can have better statuses and they can have better conditions in their lives. This is the understaffing and the realization that can lead the people to have just way of living in all ways. In this case the moral fact that has been taken into account is the fact that the economic systems has been balanced as the main factor that can led the people to live in the balanced societies in the economic system[1].

Since the event of Peace of Westphalia that occurred in 1648, there have been many changes in the internationals laws relating to just war. These are the laws that are related to the use of an international force for some purpose. During the process of the changes in the laws, the basic guidelines for just war had been replaced by the international law makers. Here the continuity was built between the religious outlook of the Europeans on the war and the modern secular outlook of the states in the modern days.

4. Doyle, W.  Michael.  The Ways of War and Peace (Rolf Harris Productions Pty, Limited 1996), 60.

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