Sample Essay

When one considers these factors, it is important to understand the influences on international marketing, in order determine if globalisation has played a key role, and if theUK’s international marketing strategy is adequate for the current situation.  For instance, the education quality of theUKeducational system mainly stems from the fact that many senior government personnel and statesmen have been educated at British institutions, which were not as numerous and were therefore considered as elite (UKCGE 1999).

There are now more universities and colleges in theUK, all offering similar programmes with different structures, some more flexible than others.  In addition to this, other countries have improved on the quality of their educational systems; however, one can argue that the improvement on quality is a result of globalisation which standardises processes and procedures.  The UKCGE (1999) report also indicates that theUKhigher education institutions were not particularly good at addressing negative quality issues. This means that there was a general tendency to pay less attention to institutions with poor quality records and concentrating on those with good records, such asCambridgeandOxford.  However, by covering up these quality issues theUKwas ignoring the poor reputation it was beginning to attain, and reputation impacts directly on quality.  If it impacts on quality, then marketing the sector on this factor will not yield positive results, and other sectors will capitalise on this.

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