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Once а child is about three years of age, he or she is put in а nursery with other colony children and is tended by responsible adults for the entire workday. The Hutterites invented the kindergarten more than four hundred years ago inMoravia. Older children spend the school day in classes taught by qualified, certified public schoolteachers referred to by the Hutterites as the “English” teachers who are not Hutterites. In addition to the instruction received from the public schoolteacher, the children also attend “German” school in the afternoon; this is taught by an adult male Hutterite and it includes all school-age children in the colony (Amish 1).

All Hutterites speak “Hutterisch” south German Tyrolean dialect with many words introduced in the past 400 years that reflect the various episodes of movement of the Hutterites through eastern Europe andNorth America) among themselves in most circumstances. Hutterites are loving, gentle people and have а great reserve of patience, but they also wholeheartedly subscribe to corporal punishment when the occasion rises (Fleming 1). Until quite recently, Hutterite youth both males and females quit school as soon as the state or provincial laws where they lived legally permitted it usually at about age sixteen and began to assume adult roles and responsibilities within the Bruderhof.  There are, however, an increasingly large number of colonies, especially among the Schmiedeleut, that allow their youth to complete high school and even to earn а teaching certificate to attend college.

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