Sample Essay

Companies choose online marketing over other modes due to various reasons. Online marketing is faster than designing physical manners, printing pamphlets or setting up stalls. A lot of free forums are available on which an advertisement can be viewed by countless people at the same time. Several free forums are available to market a product. However, you need to check the traffic of the forum before positing your advertisement. Some forums do not hold a good reputation. Hence, using them may distort the image of the company.

The standard of a forum can be determined by checking the search engine rating. Paid forums usually have a high ranking. In addition to that, only the best selected audience visits them. Thus, the image of the company improves.  Reputed organizations which are financially strong do not use free forums as they have sufficient monetary resources.

All free forums are not unreliable.  Some of them require the user to register and provide a list of details. The user has to provide a valid email. Once his registration is complete, a link is sent to his email for activation. Once the link is activated, the account is created and the advertisements can be posted on the forum.  If professional corporate users are accessing the forum, you can expect your product to be marketed on a large scale without extending the marketing budget.

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