Sample Essay

It is normal for a parent to be worried when his kid is small and wants to play outdoor games. At a small age, children are not very keen to study. Thus, parents have to put in a lot of effort so that they can do their homework. However, if they are allowed to play for some time, their adaption power increases. You cannot leave your kids to play when they are young. Outdoor sports require physical interaction and small kids may get injured. Hence, parents need to supervise their kids when they are playing. In the past, a lot of incidents have been reported where kids have been hurt by baseball bats or hockey sticks.  Thus, the presence of an adult is important when they are playing.

Now, let’s glance at the ways in which sports are positive for children. First of all, they strengthen the bones and muscles.  When kids are young, their muscles are very soft and tender.  When they play games, they flex these muscles in different directions and their strength increases.  By playing physical sports, kids do not spend long hours in front of the computer and spoil their eyes.  You should always remember that continuous studying makes a child dumb and lazy. Thus, it is very important for him to relax and take some fresh air.

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