Sample Essay

Poverty is a difficult problem to combat if it continues to increase.  A clear example of this problem is Africa.  The poverty percentage of the country is climbing at an incredible rate.  With everything becoming so expensive, feeding a large family is next to impossible. This has forced females to adopt disgusting professions like prostitution.  Most youngsters do not even acquire education at the primary level.  The decade from the year 1994 to 2004 was simply unbelievable for the African residents. The poverty rate increased by an unbelievable 43 percent and several people died due to famine. To improve conditions, few countries including United Kingdom have played their part.  The British visited Nigeria and offered an agricultural trade proposal to the farmers. The farmers had to harvest cotton and groundnuts and send them to the British. Initially, this deal did produce some profits for both countries but nothing worked out on a long term scale.

This proposal proved to be a complete failure for both British and Nigerians. Nigerian farmers were not educated enough to implement the latest farming techniques.  They used the same old unproductive techniques for farming purposes. As a result, they failed to deliver and the proposal was cancelled. Similarly, African residents failed to take advantage of other proposals as well due to lack of literacy and experience. Along with that, the weak economic conditions are also responsible for increasing the poverty factor.

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