Sample Essay

Aside from the execution of the event, the marketing of the event as well as the dining and entertainment aspect of an event, logistics and logistics management is another main function of event management. Logistics management pertains to the management of the transportation of the goods required for the event and the dissemination and storage of such goods at the event site as well as at the point of the suppliers. Similarly logistics are also involved with the transportation of staff and often the planning of the arrival and the departure of the audience and people participating in the event.

Logistics management is an important as aspect of the event management as it facilitates the coordination function and provides storage, transportation as well as work flow management services to the other functions like management of food and catering, management of entertainment, the marking and positioning of the event, etc. Therefore it is significantly important for a company to focus towards a proper logistics management set up when it comes to managing an event. The options that are available for the company pertaining to this function include outsourcing logistics management to a specialized company or forming a logistics’ team which is responsible for overseeing conducting and overseeing logistics bad operations, coordinating and maintaining security.

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