Sample Essay

Recently the shipping industry in various parts of the world has integrated their intelligence to come up with innovative and new technologies for the facilitation of the cargo planning and the stowage process. The Dutch shipping industry has come up with an innovative piece of equipment the likes of a floating crane which is used to beat congestion at the port. “The floating crane is claimed to be less expensive than land based cranes, and more flexible.

Their invention may be an unwelcome one for organizations such as the Ceres Paragon Terminal in Amsterdam, where vessels can be handled at either end” (‘Dutch float idea to beat congestion’, 2005) Other technologies that have been launched include the “new software suites for chemical ship operators, and claim that using the software will provide a cost-effective way to enhance trade” (‘Specialized Tankers: New software for chemships’, 2000) by Bureau Veritas, ABS and Lloyds. Aside from this “a new chemical cargo module has been launched by ABS Nautical Systems for its integrated fleet management software program, ABS SafeNet. The new module is designed to help chemical operators make more informed economically effective decision” (‘ABS launches ChemSTOW’, 2000)

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