Sample Essay

One such case occurred at the named college and a student used the F-word while the teacher was still in class. He was threatened regarding detention but his further disrespect toward his teacher infuriated the latter even more, causing charges to be made against the student. Such an action against the offender was truly justified – students need to learn to respect their teachers, and any elder for that matter. They have to realize the efforts that a teacher puts in for them. In this current case the student was warned before the charges were made. The matter could have definitely ended right then had the student been sensible enough to apologize and accept his fault. However, instead of that he rudely answered back to the teacher. He needed a lesson and the charges against him were justified.

As discussed above, students’ language and vocabulary needs to be regulated on a daily routine. This can be still possible at an academic institute where they can be punished in case of being caught. However, such a restriction may not be applicable at other public places for instance, at a library. The manager or director of the place can do so far as to put up a sign for regulating the language that is allowed there. He cannot exactly go ahead and point out each and every person whenever they utter a wrong thing.

It may be said here that controlling someone’s language can be equaled to taking away his right of speech in a nation where there is freedom to say whatever one wants to. However, we also have the freedom of listening to whatever we want to, and there are still some people who have no wish to hear profanity. Thus their rights are also to be taken into account.

It is the citizens who have to realize their responsibilities otherwise no amount of direction would help them.

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