Sample Essay

The push strategies that can be employed to access the hidden job market pertain to reaching out to the employers through the use of socializing techniques. It is possible for the job candidate to reach out by including the prospective employers in the social network. This can take the form of attending professional conferences and corporate fairs to develop a familiarity with the prospective employers and establishing a relationship with the contacts. Other strategies can include accessing the alumni associations and entering into their community. The other strategies would include either entering into a volunteer work with them or signing up for an internship. Aside form this, it is also possible to look out for companies in the news who are launching new products or developing new operations at a new location etc. they would be requiring more personnel.

The specific strategies that can be used as per my career aspirations pertain to marketing and brand management. As a result the strategies that would be employed by me would be to attend trade unions and professional and corporate expos. Aside form this I would also be accessing the different online internet sites which are based on marketing and brand management topics specially those which offer discussion boards and community based approach. These would be ideal for developing contacts. Other strategies would include looking out for companies through the internet as well as through the newspaper and TV news who would be launching a new brand or entering into a specific product category. They soul be requiring marketing personnel and establishing a contact with them would be ideal.

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