Sample Essay

Product portfolio analysis criteria are similar to those at five star hotels, except Sheraton also uses the adherence to operating standards due to the large number of franchised/managed properties as а yardstick to divest older properties and invest in newer and more luxurious ones (Leisen pp.49-66).

                Forum is probably similar in that units do vigorous planning like at Sheraton though directional flows are completely different. Also а large number of the smaller Forum units do not undertake planning and are instead given directions from regional offices.

Other five star hotels are similar in its corporate planning arena (Lee pp.204-21), but differ in that five star hotels SBUs are not allowed to project or create their own destiny except over the short time frame of one year. Five star hotels’s SBU planning is narrower in perspective than Sheraton’s unit annual business planning where detailed studies of products and markets are made (Blain pp.328-38).

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