Sample Essay

The problem of waste management faced by Tesco was mainly related to obsolesce of its inventory and the high level of waste generated from its packaging and operational units. The issue was brought to light when a formal investigation was conducted into the outdated stock being shelved and sold by the retail outlets of the company.

“Tesco have recently been fined and prosecuted several times for selling out of date products at full price as well as opening out of date vacuum packed food and selling as fresh produce. Google ‘Tesco sells out of date produce’ for more details. A recent TV consumer program reported that Tesco managers in the stores were dismissed for breaking Tesco codes of practice, but the number of prosecutions implied some pressure was put on Tesco managers to cut wastage, a massive problem with the supermarket system.” (Thomas, 2008)

The company currently does not employ any just in time based methodology for the management of its inventory. In fact the company has been working on contracts with vendors like Nestle to store Nestle’s inventory with Tesco. This would impact the waste management program of the company in a negative manner as the inventory for Nestle is mostly based on perishable food products which contribute largely to the waste generated by the company.

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