Sample Essay

Meaning-generating systems are systems which analyze to comprehend the contents to arrive at the underlying message or idea. Humans and societies are complex systems which can also be termed as meaning-generating systems. The meaning-generating systems are sought by the meaning seeking entities and are the basis of interaction between the media, the audiences and the role played by culture.

The theories in the chapter revealed the different elements of their interaction. The effects research depicted that media has a direct impact the behavior of the audience. The uses and gratification research states what the audience depicts with the content of the media while the cultural studies depict how the audience selects part of the media to use in their lives.

Audiences are transforming in terms of the role that they play in communication and media. Traditionally the audiences were the receivers of the message from the media, however with the changes taking place in the telecommunications technology, the audience have not been transformed to be more active content generators for media as well as the society. Similarly the audiences are also disappearing due the large scale of content being thrown at them through the communication media. The constant communication at all times is making them uninterested and annoyed especially with advertisements, resulting in the loss of audience. The changes in the communication technology have also greatly contributed to the loss of audience.

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