Sample Essay

The internet is a dynamic medium where technological changes keep on taking places on a routine basis. The rapid development of the technology and tools available on the internet for businesses as well as for marketing makes it difficult for a company to keep up with a static marketing plan for their products and services online. In order to sell through the internet companies need to employ innovative e-marketing strategies which are effective as well as efficient.

The study by Sheth and Sharma (2005) provides that “firms need to better monitor their international environments to determine the type of strategy that they need to follow. The proposed strategies are – brick and click strategies, digitization, disintermediation, buying groups and alternative infrastructure, firm driven e-marketing strategies, and corporate exchanges.” (Sheth and Sharma 2005)

Other issues that are faced by internet based e-marketing strategies pertain to ethical marketing online, privacy issues cited by the target audience as well as the issue of spamming. “The growth of direct marketing has been attributed to rapid advances in technology and the changing market context. The fundamental ability of direct marketers to communicate with consumers and to elicit a response, combined with the ubiquitous nature and power of mobile digital technology, provides a synergy that will increase the potential for the success of direct marketing.” (Mort and Drennan, 2002) The dynamic growth of unsolicited direct marketing is also one of the main reasons for increase in spam. Aside from this the issues in e-marketing also pertain to the integration of e-marketing strategy with the brand persona and strategy of the corporation, management of e-CRM and the establishment of a proper marketing plan for the internet channel which can be quantified and measured to assess the success through key performance indicators.

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