Sample Essay

The problem that is being faced nowadays and is highlighted in the article by Dragga and Voss is the absence of humanity in public media. Moreover it has also been felt that the sensitivity of the people towards the plight of others in need is also diminishing resulting in an immoral and unethical society. To an extent the two problems are related, as it is argued that the objective attitude adopted by people in the media and the reporting of accidents tends to desensitize the audience which is in turn affects the moral statuette of the general public.

The media does not have a humanistic perspective in terms of its reporting and the general public is also as a result becoming oblivious and insensitive to others around them who may need help and assistance. In the long run this problem can develop multiple facets as the younger generation of the population might become more oblivious to the need of the unfortunate, injured and underprivileged which will result in increasing the gap between the fortunate and the unfortunate people.

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